How to Buy DVD-R for noobs?

Im about to purchase a pioneer 107D, and i was wondering waht is the best way to purchase DVD-Rs. i mean what would u look for on the packaging etc, country of manufacture, box type, packaging type etc? I have heard that many dvd-rs are quite horrible to work with, resulting in coasters or badly read discs (ie Princos?).

BTW. How \should i read the disc code? i have previosuly bought a box of 10 Princos(i know…not the best) and the code in the mi9ddle of the dvd is DVDRG4X-BKQ. Should i look for any particular information in this code when buying dvdrs?

thanx! :slight_smile:

It’s best to come right here to this very forum and do a search for the particular media that you are considering.
If you are unsure of a particular medias quality, feel free to ask user opinions here!
Also, many online shops have excellent prices on media and will explicitly state the MID code of the product.

Except i dont really know what i SHOULD be looking for lol! i see many many dvdrs in shops, from tdk, verbatim, princo,maxell…etc. And i know that for example a tdk blank of one type i not the same as another tdk blank of another. Are there any hints or clues to reveal themsleves as being good? For the people living in Australia Sydney, i mainly shop in Kmart, Target, BigW, Dick Smith for blanks and the occasional computer market and since i dont have a credit card i cant buy online. :frowning:

I have just bought TDK DVD-R 4X made in Japan. They are individual in regular jewel cases and made in Japan. I have checked and they are Taiyo Yuden which is excellent. This best way for your drive would be to buy one of each, burn a disk and then check the PI/PO rates, if the drive supports it. And based on that make your decision, as different drives appear to like different things.


This resource may be useful in terms of finding out brand/manufacutrer relation.
The Media tests forum is also useful. It may not tell you much how a specific media performs in your drive (i.e. I don’t recall seeing lots burns done on Aopen). However, it tells you a lot about media manufacturers, brands, sometimes packaging and media quality relative to drives used for burning.
You can also use online retailers like, which tells you the media manufacturer explicitly most of the times.

Manufacturer plays the most important part in my decision process, I don’t mind paying a little extra for quality rather than going the cheap option - piece of mind :slight_smile:

Browse the Media forum and the link given above to see what people’s opinions are - then experiment and you’ll soon discover what suits you best.

It’s not unusual to find the whats good for some isn’t for others - there are others forces at play such as DVD writer and DVD player that will have an impact on your choice of media - this is where experimentation comes into it.