How to buy a saturn modchip?



Hello! I’m portuguese and I have a problem, I want to buy a modchip but in Jandaman I need a Visa Card and I don’t have one. So the question is where I could buy a modchip or if somebody want to sell one to me?

Excuse me for the bad english but I’m not an expert :iagree:


Jandaman also accepts Paypal.
You dont need a CC for that - you can charge the Paypal account from your Bank-account.
Takes 2-4Days, but once its charged with some money, you can order.
Only problem, without a CC you are not able to verify your adress in Paypal!
(made me have some problems with US auctions on Ebay, paying from Germany… :slight_smile:


I also think the Swap trick works on saturns, do a search in google…it’s been a long time for me, but I am sure you can use the swap trick too.


Just get a ps2 or a xbox