How to burnt Data CD software. help!



Hello everyone… I’m new to this forum as well as I’m new with ripping a CD. can anyone tell me how to burnt a DATA CD Software that is protected?. I have tried it several times with NERO (Copy CD) but unfortunately it was not very successfull process. It can copied the files into the CD-R but then i’m getting an error message when I tried to open the CD-R that I just used. Can anyone reccommend me a good software that can rip a protected CD? Lots of appriciation! :sad:


Hi… I’m also new to this forum. I would first try to identify the type of protection on the disk with an protection identifier such as ClonyXXL then rip with CloneCD or similar software to bypass protection.

I also have a similar request which i hope someone can help me with.

I have been trying to backup a data CD without success. ClonyXXL has identified the protection as Illegal TOC when using the Scan CD option and bad sectors when using the wizard. I have tried to backup with CloneCD, Alcohol 120 and Isobuster.
The disk has 2 sessions each with 1 track. The first session is just under 5MB and the second 190MB
I can create an image and burn to CD but when i insert the backup disk the following message appears “This program cannot run without the original disk in the drive”

Any help would be appreciated as this one has me stumped.Thanks in advance.


a data cd-rom can be protected in various ways as viking already explaned.

Illegal TOC’s can be written with any writer made in this millennium :slight_smile:
I suspect there’s more than an illegal toc if the program comes up with that message.


Mr Belvedere,

Thank you for your quick reply.
I just tried Protection ID and it suggested “Possible CD/DVD check string”.
Is there any way i can confirm what this other protection might be and if it is a check string can it be removed?