How to burn your video games and what do I need? (totally new at this)

i heard there is a way to burn your video games…does anyone know if this works or how its done, and what equipment you need??? :eek: id appreciate any help at all… but go easy on me, i know nothing about cd or dvd burners! lolol…thanks, lynda

video games as in play station ? you want to make backup copies of them ?

What type of games? PC, PS2, Xbox

i guess it would be like backing them up. i just heard they could be copied. x-box or PS2 would be great. and i promise if you tell… i wont kill you! lol :slight_smile:


If you are talking about videogame console backups then yes it is possible to do backups of your videogames, however, you will need to get your console modified before you could get any of them to work. PS2 does offer the swap magic and HD Loader (or similar) options but the swap magic is getting increasingly rediculous with the number of games that require patching and multiple swaps. The HD options can be tough to find if you don’t have the proper resources. Outside of this your only options are modchips that are soldered into your console’s motherboard. The PS2 is a royal pain in the arse to chip but once it is done, it is dead easy to make backups of. If you don’t mind spending a bit of money there are some trusted sites that can chip your PS2/XBOX for you or you could purchase a pre-modded XBOX/PS2 from these sites as well. The XBOX isn’t hard to chip (especially now that they have come out with decent no solder options) but you will need to re-flash the bios on the chip with a newer one in order to get it to play backups. With the XBOX YOU CANNOT SIMPLY POP THE ORIGINAL DISC IN THE PC AND MAKE A BACKUP!!! The Xbox is protected by a 2048bit encryption key and as a result the XBOX itself is the only thing that can read an XBOX original disc. What you need to do if you want to backup an original disc is to network your XBOX to your PC (via a router) and FTP the files from your XBOX over to your PC, there you will need to convert the files into an xISO file and then burn it to disc (there is a bit more to it than that but those are the basics). If you get an upgraded HD for your XBOX, you can just store your games on your HD. You also do have an option for picking up the games from somewhere on the net and outside of a couple of conversions you can avoid the whole FTP process.

yeah, so mod the chip. then use alcohol 120% or clonecd
spank me hard !

You gotta be kidding me. At least for XBOX, those two are the last two programs I would recommend. In terms of DVDs, DVD Decrypter is actually more useful. Alcohol 120% seems to produce mixed results for XBOX backups. Yet if I burn the exact same file in ISO mode with DVD Decrypter, it works just fine.

ok, so do you know of any websites that sell this stuff? can these xbox’s be bought already programmed to back up disk? some sites, or if you would rather email them if you know of any… email thanks so much for helping me! :bow: