How to burn xbox 360 games?




… i got my 360 modified like 3 days ago… the dude popped in a burned game to show me its done & yea it was legit not a scam… he " taught " me how to get the game file & burn it but its not as easy as he explained so i need help… if you’ve EVER succesfully burned a game PLEASE HELP ME…

i have the following things :

DVD-R DL discs

abgx360 ( checks game file for corruption )

Imgburn ( burning software )

Halo: Reach file downloaded ( both .dvd & .iso files )

i burned the .dvd file because imgburn wouldnt burn the .iso file until NOW but i dont want to risk wasting ANOTHER perfectly good disc… so i burned the .dvd file & it just played as a dvd on the xbox & displayed " xbox 360 " but nothing happens… NOW i know the dvd file is useless… i have my layerbreak settings & speed in the correct format i just need help burning the REAL FULL GAME…

if you ever SUCCESFULLY BURNED a game by downloading the torrent and burning it PLEASE help me i would SERIOUSLY appreciate it… Thanks



I have never burned any games .I do know how to burn an .iso to disc with ImgBurn.
Before I give any instructions on doing this a moderator will have to give the OK.
Because it seems to me the file you have is illegal because you do not own a legitimate copy of the game.
I also hate posts all in large type as much as all caps.


@ Andy

I deleted your post in the DVDFab section because you started this thread and then posted in the DVDFab section which is against the rules of this forum, now I’m letting you know we don’t give help making [B]illegal [/B]copies of games, movies or other wise.

Again read the rules to which you agreed to when you joined this forum

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andy617, if you were burning copies of your own game that would be alright. But since these are downloaded games we cannot help you.