How to burn with Clonecd 5

Im using CloneCD 5. The other day i tried backin up Final fantasy 7. To do this i go to copy copy cd then click game cd. When it is done it makes 2 files, an image file and a ccd file, sometimes a SUB file. Is this what is supposed to happen? And i haven’t tried burning them yet but to do this do I simply click “write from image file” and select the image file? Or is there more to doing this. Thanks guys.

P.S. it is a PS1 game and a CD (not dvd)

Best to use the libcrypt profile to read and write for ps1 games
Also there are no dvd based ps1 games only ps2
And as for the 3 files they are normal just browse to the .ccd file to burn…

sorry for crossposting. But what is this libcrypt and how do I use it. Thanks for responding anyway.