How to burn with a .sub file...?

Ive got a .ccd, a .img, and a .sub file that someone gave me. How would i burn that? If i choose to burn the .ccd, will the .sub be included automatically? Thanks.

i think if you burn with clonecd the sub will be included automaticly, if you are burning with alcohol you should select the sub file as the actual image file.

ben :slight_smile:

Nope. You should still select the .ccd file.

.CCD allways, other files comes automagically…

Ok, thanks everyone.

hi guys!!
i’ve a question foru you: what program i need?
i’ve just to take the .css file and burn it?

p.s: excuse me for my english, i’m italian and i don’t write very well

You don’t use Cascade Style Sheets for burning:), unless you were talking about a CCD file. In that case use CloneCD.

Good Luck!

i have got a .sub, a .img and a .ccd file and i want burn them, what i have to do?

now i try with clone cd :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

How would you have them if you don’t know how you got them in the first place? You DID make the images your self, right?