How to burn Winamp m3u playlist as Data CD

I am unsure of how this is done. I want to burn my winamp playlist as a data cd/dvd for my head unit. It support Gigamp3 and I do not want to go through loads of directories and find each individual file and add it to the compilation. There are over 400 tracks which I do not want to search through manually.

Audio CD support the drag and drop of the m3u playlist file, but it appears that data cd does not. Is there a script or a application that will allow import of the m3u?



I just used Nero Express to make an MP3 disc & did a drag & drop which worked fine. It was only 15 tracks admittedly but shows the principle.

Hey TimC,

Thanks for that buddy. Worked a treat. Never used nero express so i never seen the mp3 disc before. Would be good if it was an option in nero.

Thanks once again. :slight_smile:


GREAT! Now, how do you do this using a WinAmp playlist that has 200 plus mp3’s in it and burn it as mp3’s on a 700 meg CD?

what i would do is:

-use the “yar-matey! playlist copier [gen_yar.dll]” plugin for winamp
-load up the playlist
-use the copy playlist files function to copy the files to a temp folder
-burn them
-delete them

not exactly what your asking, but does the trick and is not that much of a pain.

if anyone needs the plugin, you only need the one dll file (8KB) in your plugin folder, and you can get it here: