How to burn web-pages onto CD - HELP!



I hope that there is someone out there in the know about this:

I have downloaded a load of web pages for a project I am doing and tried to burn them onto a CD using WinOnCD - there are two problems:
(i) many of the file names are too long - obviously if a change the address names by shortening them - I won't be able to link them off-line.
(ii) some of the level of folder are too deep - and again break the rules.

Is there any way around this? Or is there another program that will do the job?

I would be very greatful of any feedback you can give me.....

Chris Gould


For both questions i have one answer, but unfortunally i think you’ll have the same problem over and over again.

Use Nero. it allows you more than 256 character or how the hell it will called.
and pathdepthes of 8 bit?? really don’t know what im saying…

But is has to do with the differant types of “bookes” red , green, etc.

Personally i think i can not be done but you might wanna check this site.

it can be of great help…

And welcome a board


you can relax the iso-restrictions of 256 chars in the pathname and the maximum directory-depth of 8 (to be precise Ruff-Next_Gangsta ), but the cd won’t be readable in older cdrom players.

You can set these options easily in Nero, other programs are a bit harder to adjust.

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Or if you’ve got plenty of time, i would say rename the long files, to short files and redirect all the hyperlinks.

This will take alot of time


When I was still using VOB CD-Wizard Pro to burn cd’s, there was a little proggie included which automatically deals with the problems described above. I don’t know whether it’s still included, but you can always try… And the best thing was, you just had to type the internet address, and the program would then save all images, applets etc. on the page, so it saved a lot of time all in all.


Thanks for all the replies

Alas - I cannot get any of them to work - I have changed the settings on both WinOnCD and Nero - but niether programs will let me get away with it. I have also tried transfering the files using packet cd programs - here my memory gets eaten up and the whole thing crashes.

It seems really daft that it is so hard to do what seems a simple task - how do those magazines that put CDs of web sites on their covers do it? There must be a way - at least one better than renaming 600 MB of files!

but again thanks for the replies - it’s great to know you folk are out there!



Why don’t you “” *.zip “” the whole thing and burn it on a cd ??? later you can always extract the thing ? to a hdd… :slight_smile:


Not really a solution. But a nice hint for further html-downloading.

Get “Teleport Pro” here :

And get a crack here :

It’s great for downloading complete sites or parts of them. No more worries if you forgot a picture or something. And the best is it converts all filenames and link inside html pages to short names.


pSyChO dAd

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If your still stuck, or want the Jscript to autorun HTML/DHTML e-mail me.


zipping it would be a good solution.
your memory gets eaten up??? how could that be? writing with packets is the same as writing a DAO or not? when you can burn you cds normalley with Nero otr other bunring prog, you shoudl be abel to use any packet writing to.

It would go also for the zipping option and make a self extracting exe of it