How to burn wav files to CD

I copied a short (15 minute) lecture on cassette to my computer using Wave Repair. It created a single wav file. I then used Nero6 to burn it to a blank CDR using just a drag and drop copy. When I try to play the CDR in any of my 3 CD players, they all just produce a buzzing sound. When I try to listen to the CDR in my computer it sounds just perfect (as does the original wav file). What am I doing wrong?
BTW - I tried the same thing using a CDRW and it had the same effect.

Originally posted by Willgg
What am I doing wrong?

Can your player read CD-R?

Your player isn’t able to read that disc.
Try better discs, slower speeds, better burner…

did u use an audio cd layout?

Maybe not. Can you explain?

use the Audio CD compilation in nero, then just drag and drop the wav files into it.

That did the trick.
Another question. How do I copy a few wav files to one CD and tell Nero which one would be the first track?
I mean, I know how to do the copying, but how do I assign which wav files go to a specific track number?

just drag them into whatever order u want in the layout.