How to burn VOB files correctly so they also play in standalone DVD player?

Looking how to burn VOB files correctly so they also play in standalone DVD player?

Try DVDFab or ImgBurn

Hello, I am trying to burn a VOB file (actually 4 that are split up) using Nero Vision Express. Everytime I try to burn them, they won’t play in my DVD player but will in my computer. I know the discs are compadible with my DVD player (looked that up), just cant figure out how to burn them correctly. Should I use the VOB files? Or should I use another file type?


VOB files are right, but you need more information in there too. You are keeping the .ifo and other files aren’t you? Also are you SURE that the disks are compatible? If you are using +R media are you bitsetting (if you don’t then my JVC doesn’t recognise the disk, if you do it’s fine).

Both problems above seem more like media problems - try another brand and see what happends - just because your play says it supports DVD+R or -R - different Dyes might not work.

Ok, I used a DVD-R and it worked! But, when it is playing, it looks like is kinda skipping. Like freexing for a half of second then keeps going then does it again over and over. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Every time this has happened to me, it’s because i’ve burned the disc too fast. I was copying something for a friend on some cheap 16x discs and toward the end of the movie, it would skip and freeze. I burned the next disc at 8x and it played fine at the points where before it was skipping. You don’t have to burn every disc slower because some can burn at the maximum speed fine. These discs were Dynex brand from BB (we get an incredible discount). The media code is RitekF1 (first i’ve ever heard of these). I’ve had good luck with Fujis from Japan, and Verbatims.

i was searching google for the same problem and found this thread. on another forum they recommended DVDFAB Platinum. and im happy to say it worked for me.

Burn .vob files so your DVD player will play them, here is the solution I came up with…

The software is free

AND FAST!!! … and easy :slight_smile: No more bloated junk for me (nero / roxio).

For archive purposes, I also recommend AVS video converter (FREE, google it) if you run it to .mks files you want to burn.

Hope this helps.

[QUOTE=TimC;1068374]Why are you using NeroVision Express?
If you’ve got the VOBs & ifo & bup files then you should just use Nero Burning Rom or Nero EXpress to burn it.
If you’ve got the vob files but nothing else then get Ifoedit (free download) & this will create the ifo/bup files for you.

Typically this is what you should have in the Video_ts folder:-

If you don’t have this combination nothing will work.[/QUOTE]

Dear TimC,

I’m just an inch away from success, but something is bothering me.

You see I have [U]this[/U] in VIDEO_TS :


Do I [U]NEED[/U] to have [U]VIDEO_TS.VOB[/U],
because I don’t have it or don’t know how to get it.

Usually you don’t need the VIDEO_TS.VOB.It usually just contains warnings maybe a logo.
Check a VIDEO_TS.VOB by itself with VLC player or any program that will let you load & preveiw a single .vob.One from a commercial DVD.
Veiw the single VIDEO_TS.VOB of a commercial DVD in VobEdit using Preview/Framestep.VLC runs one pretty fast.

Ok, thank you.

Is it a problem when VTS_01_1.VOB is [U]more[/U] than 2 GB ??

(I changed VTS_01_0.VOB TO VTS_01_1.VOB)

After reading this thread, it looks to me this pretty much summarizes the solution:

[B]1. Preparation[/B]
You need to have this list of filesin the Video_ts folder:


[RIGHT]*[I]not reallly needed[/I]

[B]2. Burning sofware[/B]
You can use various burning software - Nero; DVDFab; ImgBurn. Just make sure you burn as DVD-Video, [B]not[/B] as data.

[B]3.Disc type[/B]
This is where I need your help guys - which discs are best to use?:confused:

[B]4.Unanswered Questions
[/B]Question by TimoKeil : Is it a problem when VTS_01_1.VOB is [U]more[/U] than 2 GB ?

How about this little guide, anything left out that should be included?

Why did you change VTS_01_0.VOB TO VTS_01_1.VOB.That might make the rest of the files not find it like the VTS_01_0.IFO.I would change it back.
My DVD programs usually seperate the .vobs at .99GB .
On a computer with NTFS you shouldn’t have a problen with 2 GB.
On a standalone it probably depends on the make & some trial & error is probably the best way to find out.I’ve never tried larger .vobs on my standalones.

I have actually had this problem before… you may have a european formatted dvd… if its in PAL, an american dvd player will not support it. NTSC is the format for the United States. since you may be getting your movie from Europe, you might want to find a converter or just get an american copy.