How to burn VideCD + Data track?

How can I burn VideoCD + Data track with NeroSDK, Nero 6 can do this, just drag the files to the browser. I think there is a way to do this with NeroSDK, anyone can help me?

You should be able to do it using any and all of the NeroSDK technologies, including NeroAPI, NeroCMD and NeroCOM.

I have read the sdk doc, but not found any related topic, could you give me an example? I’d better you can give me some piece of code. Thanks!

You can use the IsoTrack property of NERO_WRITE_VICEOCD structure. iIt takes a CNeroIsoTrack class that can be created from NeroCreateIsoTrackEx wich takes NERO_ISO_ITEM that can be created from NeroCreateIsoItem.

On the DelphiNeroAPI Project release 0.22a threre is examples of the use of these functions and structures using Delphi.