How to Burn Verbatim DL at 4x with LG GS-H22N




I will be receiving my LG H22N drive the other day and was wondering how can I burn the verbatim dual layers at 4x? I use clone cd so is there something special I have to do? Or will it be able to burn them at 4x out of the box?



Should work “out of the box”. The LG GSA-H22N supports ‘overspeeding’ those Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL discs (MKM001) up to 6x speed with stock firmware (both v1.00 and v1.01).


Is it -R DL or +R DL?


There is no need to do anything, Insert a disc, and you will see the drive offer 6x speed for 2.4x Verbatim DVD+R DL.

Take it, it works very well. At 6x, you will get clean, reliable burns 6-7 minutes faster than at 4x.