How to burn vcd on CD-R with Nero?

Hi guys,
I had copied a movie into my hard disk. However, its size is bigger than on the CDR. Could someone tell me what i’ve to do now? Thanks a bunch!

What size is the file you copied? Was the CD-R a standard 700MB disc or was it a different size (90/99 minutes?). It could be that the disc you have was overburned or it’s recorded with Plextor’s GigaRec technique. It could also simply be that there is a problem with the software you using. Some Nero versions ( and for instance had a problem that prevented them from burning full 700MB CD-R’s. Please report back and welcome to our forum!

im using the 700 MB disc and Nero 6 Ultra Edition. The movie i copied is too big to fix the disc, even though 90 minutes disc. So could you show me how i can do now (cut the movie and burn it on the different CDs or …) ?
And thanks for helping!

what exactly is the source of the movie file? another vcd? and what size is the existing file (which G@M3FR3@K already asked but u didn’t answer)?

sorry for late replying. I ripped the movie on DVD by using SmartRipper, and then converted it by DVD2AVI, then used TMPGEnc to convert it to mpeg. But the mpeg file is too big for my CD-R (80min, 700MB). The mpeg file is about 1,235,005KB (I dont know how many MB :confused: ).
By the way, how can I buy a CD 900MB?
Thanks for your patient and helping!