How to burn using nero and anydvd

Can you please explain what [B]compress it[/B] means as far as what it does and is it necessary for burning.

And how do I open the files with dvdshrink?

Most commercially made dvds are too large to fit onto a regular single layer dvd that you can burn. They will fit onto double layer dvds, but those are more expensive, and the only ones we recommend are made by Verbatim.

So, to fit onto a nominal 4.7gb disk (really only holds 4.3gb), you often times have to run the dvd video through either a transcoder like DVDShrink or an encoder like DVD Rebuilder. This will reduce the size of the video to fit onto your target disk. That is the whole point of having DVDShrink.

It is possible to select only the main movie in Shrink, so that you help maintain the best quality you can for the movie, and still reduce it in size to fit the blank dvd.

To open the files with Shrink, start the program then click on Open Files at the top. This lets you navigate to the files you’ve just ripped to the hard drive using AnyDVD.

By the way, I’m not going to walk you through the process of using DVDShrink. There are many good guides you can find on the net for using Shrink that explain the process better than I can in this thread. Look for them at and

It was mentioned that for copying a dvd movie to put the dvd in the dvd drive and if I have autoplay on to stop whichever program I have that automatically plays the dvd movie. That the dvd should just be in the drive and not playing. [B]How do I stop the program.[/B] I don’t think I’m sure just what exactly that means.

If you put the dvd in the drive and a program pops up and starts playing the movie automatically, just stop it. Close the program before doing any copying with whichever ripper you are using.

You can also turn off autoplay for the drive if you wish. Depending on your operating system that can be fairly simple. In Win7 for example, you go to Control Panel–>AutoPlay and just remove the check in the box for autoplay. In XP, you right click the dvd drive icon in My Computer and click on the AutoPlay tab. Then you adjust the settings for playing a DVD movie.

“Importing a dvd” was mentioned in a recent e-mail and I was wondering just what that term meant. Also, I just received my order of BD-RE discs and I guess they are formatted just like DVD’S are. Will my blu-ray burner do that before burning to it or do I use my blu-ray player to format it. Thanks for your reply.

Importing usually refers to adding a file/video into a program. Nothing mysterious about it.

BD-RE disks can be formatted using ImgBurn and your BD burner. Hit the Erase button on the main screen and do a full erase/format. This will take a very long time, but the first time you format a BD-RE it has to be the full format. After that, you can do quick erase which takes very little time at all.

Why do I have to erase a new blank BD-RE disc that has nothing on it before fomatting it?
I decrypted a dvd movie using anydvd and used dvdshrink to put in the hard drive. But, when I went to burn it with imgburn I got a message saying that there wasn’t enough space on the blank dvd+rw disc to copy it. It said I needed 7gigbytes to copy it and to delete some files or use a disc with more space or abort the burn. How can a 1hr45min movie take up so much space in the hard drive.

In the imgburn log it says anydvd can interfere with imgburn’s ability to verify accurately, please ensure it’s disabled. Is this something I need to be concerned about?

The erase/format function is the same control within ImgBurn. You must format a BD-RE before using it for the first time.

As we have told you[B] repeatedly[/B] in this thread, most commercially made dvd movies will [B]not[/B] fit onto a blank, single layer dvd without compression. Commercial dvds are almost always larger in size. If you are doing straight copies without compression you’ll need to use double layer blank dvds. If you want to fit onto single layer dvds, reduce the size of the movie using DVDShrink.

There is a little box on the main section of ImgBurn that you can put a check mark in. It is called Verify. This will let ImgBurn compare the information from your source file to the information that you have just burned onto the disk. This gives you an immediate check to insure that the information is perfectly copied onto the disk. AnyDVD can interfere with this verification process, so if you want to verify the data, just right click on the fox icon in the toolbar and click exit before running ImgBurn. In other words, just turn off AnyDVD before you burn if you are going to use the Verify function within ImgBurn. Using Verify will basically double the amount of time used to burn, then verify the burn.

I understand you when you say that dvdshrink is used to reduce the size of the movie. I did use dveshrink for that purpose before trying to burn it. That is why I can’t understand why I got that message of not having enough space to burn it on the blank. It could be that I didn’t do it right. I’ll keep trying. Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Not going to walk-you-through-all-the-steps, since useful guides were provided already…

Fire up shrink, click on EDIT tab–>Preferences-- and set’ target DVD size, to DVD-5 (4.7GB)–>OK…Try again…Good luck!..

Yes, I clicked on the edit tab and it was already set to (4.7GB). However, this time I was successful with DVDSHRINK, for after the program ended it showed me that the backup file was located at C:DOUBJEOP.ISO and the file space was 4.7GB. Then when I went to burn it with IMGBURN I was told that that ISO file couldn’t be found.
I’ve been walked through this by you and just about everythinhg imaginable had been covered and for that I thank you. I don’t want to be a computer genius. All I’m trying to do is burn some movies to the blu ray burner, but, it appears that I’m still having problems. I’ll keep trying. Have a good day.

Use the SEARCH function coming with your OS, enter the filename and let it search…