How to burn using nero and anydvd

I’m new at this game. I’m trying to copy standard dvds and blu-rays for the first time. I haven’t had much luck at it so far. I have all the right equipment to do it, but, I can’t figure out how to download and burn using nero and dvdshrink for dvds and nero and anydvd for blu-rays. Can you give me some sort of direction on how to do it. Thanks.

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First off, you should use AnyDVD HD to decrypt both the dvds and blu ray. Let it run in the background and do the hard part of decryption. Then start DVDShrink to rip the dvd to the hard drive. You can select either the entire movie or just the main movie that way.

You can burn automatically with Nero (using one of the early versions, like Nero 6 or 7) within Shrink if you want. I very much prefer to output as an ISO and burn with ImgBurn, which is a highly regarded, free burning program.

There is even a version of DVDShrink that can use ImgBurn automatically if you want Shrink to handle the entire process. Look in this thread at Afterdawn for the link, and how to install it:

If you run into a dvd with a lot of structural protection, use the built in ripper within AnyDVD to get the dvd to the hard drive, then use Shrink on the ripped files. To access the built in ripper within AnyDVD, right click on the fox icon at the bottom right of your screen and click on Rip Video DVD to Harddisc.

For blu ray, you should always use the built in ripper within AnyDVD HD, but for blu ray you should select Rip to Image. This will give you an ISO file of the entire blu ray movie on the hard drive and you can work with it from there. If it is small enough to fit your target BD-R, you can simply burn it straight to the disk with ImgBurn. If it needs to be compressed, you’ll need two other tools.

The first one is Slysoft’s VirtualClone Drive. This will allow you to mount the ISO and access the files within it. VirtualClone Drive is free to use.

The second tool is BD-Rebuilder. It is also free, but requires a few other free programs to work. Read the first post at the download site [B]carefully[/B].
There are direct links to the free programs you’ll need to work with BD-Rebuilder in that post.

Thank you Kerry56,
You gave me a lot of info and it will take me a while to make it come together. I presently have downloaded Nero 9. Should I change to Nero 6 or 7? You mentioned burning automatically with Nero within Shrink. I’m not sure how to do that. Now you know what I meant when when I said I was new to this game, I’ve been trying to do that, but, so far no luck. Is Optical Quantum a good brand name to get for blank BD-RE discs? They appear to be less expensive than the others.

Nero 9 will not work from within Shrink as far as I am aware. It is capable of burning the output from Shrink, either as files or as an ISO. I still recommend ImgBurn instead, for both dvds and blu ray.
I don’t think Nero 6 or 7 are still for sale directly from Nero. Could be wrong, cause I do my best to ignore Nero whenever possible.

I’m including a picture of the window within Shrink where you can set Nero to burn. I don’t have Nero anymore so there is a little message in purple telling me to install it if I want automatic burning. The version I use allows me to make an ISO and burn with ImgBurn. You can see these options by importing your dvd then clicking on Backup.

If you click on the down arrow at the end of the line that says Hard Disc Folder, you’ll see the other options for saving the file, whether you are burning with DVDDecrypter or ImgBurn or Nero.

This is what it looks like with the ImgBurn option.

I haven’t used Optical Quantum. But haven’t heard anything particularly bad about them either.

I went to and I was not able to find just how to download it. Just what exactly am I looking for and what do I click on for downloading the imgburn software. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply, but, I’ve been there and this is my problem: what do I click on to download the software. Maybe it’s me and I don’t see it. I tried all the links, but, couldn’t get a download.

@ttheb1; It’s a special edition of DVDShrink that is able to use ImgBurn.Otherwise it only uses Nero or the old DVDDecrypter.
Kerry56 posted a link for that version above.
Just use the link chef posted & select one of the mirrors in the list.
I should explain the DVDShrink & ImgBurn together .You can always use them as seperate programs.
One to compress & the other to burn.
So the special edition is only to automate things a bit.

I am presently using the trial version of AnyDVD to rip a dvd movie and then use ImgBurn. When AnyDVD’s settings and file menu is on the screen and I click OK that’s as far I get. The menu disappears and then nothing. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your reply.

AnyDVD will only decrypt and rip the movie. It will not compress it if that is necessary.

To access the built in ripper within AnyDVD, [B]right click[/B] the little fox icon at the bottom right of your screen. You should see a pop up box with options. Click on Rip VideoDVD to Harddisk…
Choose where you want to put the dvd, then click on Copy DVD.

I haven’t seen any fox icon so far. When I get to the navigation menu and click OK the movie starts to play and thats all that happens. There is no copying being done.

My mistake, I do see the red fox icon, but, it’s on the top right corner of the navigation. When I click on it it gives me the options of move or close only. There is no copy option.

You should have an AnyDVD shortcut icon on your desktop.Double click it & you shoud see the fox in your systray(taskbar).Right click on it and the rip menu shoud be there.
You can Rip VideoDVD to Harddisk or Rip to image.DVDShrink can work with either.
Then burn with ImgBurn

Start Anydvd. Let it run in the background. Do not put the dvd in at this time.

Look at the bottom right section of your screen at this point in time. There should be a small red fox icon down there in the toolbar next to the clock/sound control/network access icons.

Put the dvd in the dvd drive. If you have autoplay on, stop whichever program you have that automatically plays the dvd movie. All you want to have is the dvd in the dvd drive. You do not want the movie to be playing.

Right click on the little red fox icon and follow my previous instructions.

That’s the problem I’m having. I click on the anydvd icon to start it and I only get as far as the navigation menu and no farther. It dosen’t run for me.

Did you change any of the settings in AnyDVD when you installed? If not, it should start up automatically when you start your computer.

Reboot your computer and see if the little red fox icon shows up in the bottom right of the computer screen.

I rebooted the computer and there is the red fox in the bottom right corner. I had to click on an arrow to see it. Maybe it was there before, I don’t know. Anyway, I clicked on it and the same thing happened. I brought me to the navigation menu just like before and no farther.

Right click on it. (the mouse button on the right)

thank you. Enable Anydvd and auto start are checked. Should I click on rip video dvd to hard drive.

Yes, once you have the dvd in the drive, click on rip video dvd to the hard disc. You’ll need to put in exactly where on the drive you want it.

This will be the full disk. If you need to compress it, you’ll need to open the files with DVDShrink before burning to a disk.