How to burn ts vob and ifo files?

I’m new to dvd burning and have come across a problem.
i have a file of ts vob and if files taken from a dvd .
when i burn them to a dvd i loose the functions of the menus. for example i play the dvd and the menu’s are inoperable. the dvd plays through ok, but i would like to have the menus working.
i have tried to burn them using roxio easy cd/dvd burner, but when i add the files and click on create dvd a message comes up saying that i have to re-author which means i loose the menu’s…
can any one help please…

Hi and Welcome!

if there is a complete video_ts folder, then just burn it with ImgBurn. If you insist on using the Roxio software, then do not use the “create DVD” option, but check if there is something like “write video DVD” or similar.


What size are the VOB, IFO & BUP files combined?