How To Burn The Pc Games?

Hi. i’m a new member here, so what im trying to do is to find some community that may help me to solve my to burn pc games on dvd or cd? Different games have a copy protected rights. I wonder how can I remove it. Which program best to use?It would be gladly appreciated if you can give as much detail as possible. the games im trying to do is oblivion.

As long as you own the game, you could try a program like Blindwrite from VSO. You will still need to mod your console to play them. I have never modded a console before so I dont think I can help there, but if you do a search here on the forum I am sure you can find what you need.:iagree:

First you need to know the used protection and then you can create a working backup. Use the search function and read our guides here.

Go to Purchase Anydvd, clonecd, clonedvd2. I have been able to back up my pc games with clonecd, using anyddvd in the background. You need your game disc to be able to back up using these programs

clonecd and blindwirte haven’t been updated for a quite a while they can’t handle the latest protections. you should take a look at alcohol, game jackal and daemon tools pro.