How to Burn the DVD after merging Mini DVD

I have a DVD Camcorder and had recorded some home videos. I have 3 30 minutes mini DVD’s that i want to merge into 1 DVD (DVD-R).

I use DVDRemake Pro to create a project for each of these 30 minute DVD and then use the tools menu to merge these 3 projects into 1 project.

Now i have all the 3 DVD’s under one project. I did a export of the project (merged) on my hard drive.

I used DVDFab Platinum to create DVD from the export. I am using DVD-R to create the DVD. The DVD got created successfully but when i try to play it in my DVD Player nothing plays. I get a blank screen. There is no menu.
What am i doing wrong?

Can someone please reply. Thanks.

What version of DRMPro are you using? Do you see the DvdReMake default selection menu while playing in software player and before using DVDFab Platinum?