How to burn several invidual cds to a dvd



I have been trying to burn 5(five) data cds onto one dvd and I am unable to do it without copying the cds to my harddrive and then burning them to a DVD…

I thought that the programs such as Nero and NTI would cache the files and then when I selected to burn it would burn all the files from all 5 cd’s…I have several hundred cd’s that I want to combine on dvd’s…

I have tried using Nero Express and NTI, using both programs I select Data Dvd, I then put my cd into my cd drive and copy(add) I would open another cd and so on…when it reached 4GB I would try to burn them…but for some reason I can’t…

I would appreciate any help you guys can give me, maybe there is better software out there that can accomplish my task…

By the way I am using Nero v7.7.51…


I do not believe that there is a way to do something like that. If you have the HD space I would just copy then on to it and then burn then all off at once but one at a time I do not know of any program that can do such a then.


I do thank that Nero has some feacher that will let add more data to a cd or dvd after burning it, but i have never tried it before it is the multisession disc i believe i could be wrong thow. It us it just check the box under the (number of copies) right above verify data. This is Nero V 6.6


The only way to do what you want is to burn each disk to DVD and leave it open, than do next CD. This will, however, need more space from DVD than if you download all your CD’s to HD and burn them together in one burn per DVD.
What you did before, once you take CD out, there are no more files anywhere to be accessed for burning.


Too bad they didn’t add that feature, especially when dvd’s came on the market, there must be lots of ppl who would love to be able to burn half a dozen cds or more to the dvd in one pass…

Thanks guys, appreciate your input


Non sense, IMO.