How to burn raw MP3 files arranged in a specifed order

I like to burn MP3 files as raw MP3 files for playback in my portable MP3-capable CD player and car MP3-capable CD Receiver.

When burning raw MP3 files as data files, drag-and-drop has no effect on the order, as Nero 5.5 re-arranges the files in alphabetical order.

By re-naming the files with the prefix 01, 02, 03… I can force the order I want. But this requires me to rename every file. And if I wish to change the order, I must then re-name the files again.

Does anyone know another way to do this or another software program that will respect MY drag-and-drop order?



An alternative solution would be from within Nero/Nero Express is to drop in an ‘M3U’ playlist when you create the MP3 Audio disc Compilation, along with the MP3 audio files. This will allow those MP3 Players that support M3U playlist, to play the songs in the order you have set down in your playlist.

How to create an M3U playlist:




Thanks for the info!

Will this work for raw MP3 files (*.MP3)? My CD player can decode raw MP3 files encoded at upto 320kbps, so that is what I want to record onto the CDR. I get confused when you say MP3 Audio files, because to me Audio means CDA files on CD not raw MP3 files on the CD. As I’m sure you already know, if I expand the MP3 files to Audio (CDA) files I will lose the space advantage of smaller-sized MP3 files.

I would be setting up on the Hard drive, folders containing raw MP3 files, which I created from original CD’s. And would like to copy these folders and files in my desired order onto the CDR as *.MP3 files so as to get several hours on a single CDR. If I lose the ability to copy folders, that would be OK, it is keeping the files in MY desired order that is important.


Hello Dave,

Yes, this feature should work fine with RAW mp3 file, but I really recommend you use NeroMix for creating your M3U playlist. You will find that the lists are easier to manage in the program.