How to burn -R on LITEON DVD+RW SOHW-802S?

Hi, I just got a LITEON DVD+RW SOHW-802S recorder and bought a few DVD-Rs, only to find out my recorder doesn’t recognize that kind o DVDs :frowning:
I saw in the FAQ that some firmware could record them at 2x, can someone tell me how??

The 802S is a +R/W recorder and thus does not support -R/W.

You could convert your 802S to a 832S, which would add -R/W support plus +R DL support. Instructions can be found at

hmm it says the 802S@832S crossover is covered but I can’t find any firmware for it on those pages :confused:

Did you read the “Crossflashing Instructions” section carefully? As a word of clarification, in your case, since you’re converting a 802S to a 832S, “the drive that you are flashing to” that the instructions reference to is a 832S.

ah ok, sory for all the trouble, tks!