How to burn PS1 files to CD?

Hello, I installed my mod-chip today and I backed up a game and it works fine. I did have Quake 2 for my Playstation, but it is now unreadble (how the hell did glue get on it, DOH!). Anyway, so I downloaded the files for the game from ******** and I now have four files -


What do I do with these. I have Nero 6 by the way.
I tried buring the files straight as a data disc, but it wont work in the Playstation.

What do I do?

Please be spacific and presice because I am not great with computers.

Thank you so much.

Go to Nero 6 and select your desired recorder. Then on ‘Recorder’ select ‘Burn Image’ then select your image. Write at 4x, and select ‘Finalize CD’. It should burn and you should be ok.

Downloading games that are MODIFIED is illegal, but I don’t think that this Quake 2 is modified, and he does own the original, but correct/slam me if im wrong ;).

Select image? Which one is the Image?

Got it! Thanks so much. Quake 2 is BACk BABY. YES!!!

  1. Downloading copyrighted material is illegal.
  2. Posting anything about your illegally download material is against the forum rules.
  3. merther you should already know this…
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