How To Burn Protected DVDs

Hi guys,

I have got no idea how to run an image of a protected dvd or any idea of burning a protected dvd, can you guys suggest me a thread or a program that would do the job? I tried to use Alcohol 120% but it was able to make an image of that DVD (its a dvd on a concert)


You’ll need a program which decrypts your DVD Alcohol 120% is not able doing this with ‘movie’ DVDs. A free all in one solution is read the guide to know how it works and check out the Copy DVD Movie forum for alternative programs and methods creating a copy of your DVDs.

Another good program that I use is called DVD decrypter, just google it! :slight_smile:

I use a program called Dfab Express which copies protected stuff easily

DVD Decrypter isn’t updated anymore so you won’t be able to copy DVDs using todays encryptions methods. It’s also used in ripit4me in combination with other programs which are able to decrypt most DVDs.