How to burn playstation games?



I need help! I would like to know how to copy playstaion games from my HP 9100 cd writer and would need any kind of extra software. If so, where i can i get?


You can burn psx games with a lot of software like CloneCD, NERO, CDRWIN, etc. Some games have subchannel data as protactiond. Then you need CloneCD to copy them. I have a Sony CRX120 and it copies them perfectly (using CloneCD and read subchannel data enabled).

Problem is that my and my friends psx’s won’t accept some media I copy the games on. For instance I had MMORE (which is a good label and quite expensive) but it didn’t work. Then I tried Philips silver and it worked perfectly. Then I tried That’s Write and they also worked fine (and they were cheaper )…

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