How to Burn Pc dvd games?

Hey im attempting to burn pc dvd games. The game i tried was gta:san andreas.
I used Recordnow! with the “exact copy” function, it burnt fine and everything but when i attempted to use the disc it came up with the error “original disc could not be found or authenticated”
The disc type is Imation dvd+r 8x.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated as i have to give the disc back tommorow! :eek:

Very sorry but I have some bad news for you [B] pazza [/B] ! What you trying to do is simply impossible to do and you can’t do it! To burn a DVD game takes years of experience and special burners which cost a lot of $$$$. :slight_smile:

hmm no offence but im trying to work out if your being sarcastic.!!??
I did some research and managed to burn(or back-up if you prefer) 2 discs both with securom 7…they both seem to work so far. I used Alcohol 120% with the rmbs function and a few other tweaks on a supermulti dual layer dvd burner…
all seems to work as a play disc…dunno if a reinstall would work.?
Anywho thanks for readin and thinkn about writin… :doh:

You have to give this disc back? You don’t own it then…

No offence and not being sarcastic but there is a big difference in CD and DVD games! Most people can back up (or copy if you prefer) an CD game but it’s a lot harder to do a DVD game! If you can find a way let us know because a lot of people would be interested in doing it. :smiley:

There are some games that just can’t be copied with current burners because of the current copy protections because they don’t want people to be able to borrow the games and copy them. I’m not being judgemental but that’s just the truth. We can’t help do things like that because it’s against the forum rules. There are some underground sites that will help you do that but it draws fire from the authorities and we’re trying to avoid that here.

and buy the way guys its not impossible. I have backed up all my dvd games like cod2, fear, sniper elite, and more. i would post the how to but Imkidd57 will just get mad at me again.

With reason. :bigsmile:

Whats that supposed to mean?

With reason.

I was referring to “i would post the how to but Imkidd57 will just get mad at me again”. :wink:

hmm okay looks like im stirring up some things which might occur often on here.
Ok so i don’t own the disc…but if i lied as i imagine lots of other people on here do and said “im making a bakup just in case”…i mean cummon ull play the game a dozen times then get sick of it and biff it in your drawer.
so im gettin abused for copying a game when ppl stand around whilst bush and howard invade iraq and kill dozens of ppl…HELLO>>>!?

I’m afraid we can only help if you own the original disc. A reminder of the rules is here

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