How to burn oversized .bin file

When reassembling a number of RAR files, the resulting .bin may be larger than the space on the CD, such that an error message appears ( Alcohol 120 or Nero)
which states that there is not enough space on the CD for burning. If one tries to burn to a DVD, a different error message indicates wrong media. How do you burn an 850MB .bin file onto a 700 MB disc???

what is the size of the file when you try to burn it? ya know…it’s not actually 850mb(cause its an image)…load it in alcohol and it should show you the actual file size…then we’ll know more

From Alcohol reading of .cue file

Session 01:
Track 01: Mode 1, Length: 428482(836.9 MB), Address: 000000

sounds like an image that was made from files then run through Isobuster or win iso…assembling these rar files…is it necessary that you do that? I mean is it adding size to the .bin?

Probably an image that was stored in a multi-volume RAR archive–after it’s been extracted, the RAR files are extraneous.

I don’t think you’re going to be able to burn this to a 700MB CD-R. Mightn’t you mount it in Daemon Tools and get your use from it that way?

Get the larger capacity CD-R disc like 90 minutes disc and try it I am almost sure can be done. Also don’t forget to activate overburn capability in Nero.

The truth is that this is actually a VCD or SVCD based movie file, isn’t it???!
So, you should burn it using the tool you have created it with, otherwise please ask those who created it or please read the forum rules again…