How to burn on a CD-R a VCD video, a JPEG picture and a MP3 music song?



Using Multisession or any other technique, Can I, on the same CD-R, burn a video (as a VCD mode I guess), an image as a JPEG , and a piece of MP3 music?


Well - never had a need to do it myself but, try it out…I mean CD-Rs are dirt cheap…And no, I don’t live in the land of milk and honey…
You can pretty much burn anything onto CD-R as DATA…But will the/your particular(standalone) player support it…That’s the question!..


[QUOTE=t0nee1;2533339]…But will the/your particular(standalone) player support it…That’s the question!..[/QUOTE]

First of all, thank you for taking your time. Yes, my DVD Player support it. I can burn a VCD on a CD-R and I can watch de video perfectly. But the Nero app. doesn’t permit to do multisession when you burn a VCD.
Any idea on how to do it?


As I stated, never had a need for it… Unless someone has a better suggestion try this…
There is a freeware version, btw…


My Nero has a Video-CD option.

The fact that your DVD player supports Video-CD does not automatically mean it will support the type of disc you are trying to make.



[QUOTE=RichMan;2533496]My Nero has a Video-CD option.RM[/QUOTE]
Yes, my Nero has it too. But when you enter the process to Make a VCD, you follow all the process up to the end and there is no way to leave the session open, it finalises.
Thank you RichMan


Hi tmdt, no second session needed, you can place any file and/or folder at the root of a VCD volume using some friendly authoring software, like WinOnCD (CeQuadrant/Roxio/Sonic).