How to burn of two vcds in one dvd-r

I have two vcds 1.5 gig each. Is is possible to burn two vcds in one single dvd-r with nero? Do i need to convert vcd to dvd or i can just burn two vcd one dvd -r

Also wants to know If i convert avi file to dvd with nero. how can i add subtitles to it?


nero doesn’t do subtitles…(one of neros drawbax and one in which they should fix in the future)…if u wanna convert those vcd’s to dvd format then u can use nero vision express to do so…i’ve done it a few times w/ no problems…i guess your asking if u can just burn those vcd’s to a blank dvd…pop it in a dvd player and play it right?Well every vcd/divx I ever tried i just converted to dvd format and they played fine…i’ve never tried to just add vcd files to a dvd and they played…just put em on a blank dvd+rw and see what happens

You can convert .avi files to DVD format with DVDSanta as well. It also supports the subtitle add option, so you simply drag and drop the .avi files and the subtitl files.

this is what i use: svcd2dvd Try the demo, it’s super easy,and super fast. Worth every penny to me.