How to burn neverwinter nights



OK im new to this forum and i just found out about this new cloning and more powerful cd burning system a few weeks ago…and so i just need some more info…

           I need help on burning neverwinter nights....somehow using cd clone(trial version) i was able to burn everything but just the play disk did not please help answer this question on how to burn neverwinter nights...

**I have used cd clone. blind write, and cd mate…but none of them were like real full versions…i just downloaded a trial version…but still plz help and also does having a goood burner matter?


First of all, welcome to this forum.

Although I am glad that you found our forum to saturate your quest for knowledge, it wouldn’t hurt to put in a little more effort of your own and read through older topics first. If the answers there didn’t help you in solving your problem, they will at least help you specify your problem more clearly, so others can better help you.In this respect it would be wise to provide a bit more information, such as programs used, Operating System you are using (windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, etc. (inlcuding the service packs might help too)) and what hardware you have (make and model of the writer/reader, including, if possible, the firmware version).

Simple hit and run questions will not get you far in life. You might find someone who will help you once, maybe even someone good enough to help you twice, but after a certain time you’ll see that it is better to show you put in a little effort yourself, so people are more inclined to help out. What we are trying to do here is not simply give the answer every time (most of the times we do though), but we also try to help you help yourself. Some people may do this more rudely than others, mostly because they have seen too many people like you who do not appear to have put in that little effort and are just out to get an easy fix to their problem and leave.

So please, use that search and learn from it. Given time, you have learnt a lot on this forum and you’ll be able to return the favours by helping others who seek an answer to their questions. And THAT my friend, that is what this forum is all about, To receive help and to help others.

So, please do not feel turned down because of this, but feel challenged, challenged in your quest for knowledge and the solution to your problem and know that when you cannot find the answer still, we’ll be here to help you out…if we can.

This might be a good start: