How to burn Nero 5.5?

I have received an original copy of Nero 5.5 from my friend an he told me I could make a back-up of it, but when I tried it said it had copy protection.

I am using Nero 5.5 to burn.

I dont see why Ahead would want to put a protection on it if they are allowing people to download the thing off their website. It is the key that counts.

maybe you are using an older version of nero 5.5??

i noticed when i used to make backup cds of even data cds i created with my own stuff on it. (i.e. mp3s and word documents), nero would tell me the cd was copy protected even though i didnt implement any copy protection.

all im saying is maybe youre using an older version of nero 5.5…there are many different versions of nero 5.5 (i.e.,,,, and most recently,

im sure the “protection” nero refers to is no big deal…and isnt really a protection at all.

yeah, it says that with files that I have created as well (OpenOffice Writer, MP3s, saved emails, etc.) I think it says that about everything. Nothing to be concerned about. It will copy prefectly. There is no copyguard on the nero CD, of any version.

I’ve used my backup copy to install several times.

It always said that the orignal disc is protected.

Just copy it and go for it.