How to burn my avi files on i can use them on my dvd player

i need to know how to burn my avi files on dvd…so i can use them on my dvd player…i went and bought one that [plays avi and i cant get them off my pc LOL yesss i am blonde hehe can anyone help plzzzzzz

I would think that if the dvd avi player works the same wasy as a cd mp3 player, all you will have to do is burn your avi files onto a data dvd.

Yes, that’s it, data dvd for example with nero.

The WinAVI video converter is which i have used the best software to convert avi files to dvd. It can convert all formats to MPEG1/2, VCD, SVCD, and DVD and burn to VCD, SVCD, or DVD disc.With WinAVI Video Converter, you will get a perfectly converted movie that is as good as the original!
You can try this to know more about it:

It seems you like winavi very much! :wink:

If you have Nero or Roxio programs, you can use your Avis to burn to VCD, SVCD or DVD.
Just check if your player can cope with those formats, other than DVD of course.
Burning the avis to a data DVD will not be for many players to read, and you would need to look for them as you do for jpeg files. None of my home players can do that, by the way, but I can use VCD, SVCD, DVD and even MiniDVD (DVD recorded to CD).

…but i am trying to do this at the moment with Nero 7, it seems to write it ok to the media but won’t play in the player??? :rolleyes:

Video plainly written onto data CD/DVD will only play in a FEW standalone players.

A huge list with capabilities and info is here:

But i am not trying to copy avi directly to dvd, i am trying through Nero to convert to DVD format to play in my player but it’s not happening.

I am a newbie to this so there may be a simple reason? :wink:

Maybe your media, change the media brand. It could be your player doesn’t like your disc.

Tried two brands already (Datawrite & Imation) :bigsmile:

And both are not of best quality. Also if you’re usin +R media it could help to change the booktype.

What would you suggest for a better brand media?

I have tried bot +R and -R

I think i am right in saying that in Nero i have the booktype set to Automatic.

It must write something to the Media as when i view the content on the DVD it is full??

I am sure i have copied AVI format before with no trouble (i can’t be certain though) but is it generally accepted that AVI to DVD is more problematic say over mpeg to DVD??

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Just set it to Dvd-Rom instead of automatic, for media Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

Great stuff Rapid Fire, it worked! :clap: :smiley:

@evileyedwomen71, I have two divx players. As was originally sugested, just burn them as a data disk using whatever software you like. You can even use folders and sub folders if you like. Short file names are beter because some player can only display limited charicters. If some file play and some dont, then you are doing it right. The unfortunate truth is there are many divx formats alone. I’m sorry that I cannot remember the site right now, but many divx certified players can do as little as 40 percent of divx formats. The best any can do about 60 percent and a rare few can do as much as 70%. Thats just divx though. there are many, many other avi formats and these players can play some of them. It’s really just a crap shoot what they will play (the advantage of having two divx players, if one plays it all pixelated or out of time or doesn’t play it at all, the other might play it fine). If you want every disk to play unfortunatlly, you have to reencode to dvd format (or reencode to an avi/divx/xvid that your multi player likes).
What software do you have to burn with?

I use a program with the unlikely name of DIKO to convert AVI to DVD vob format. It is easy to use and has a number of features not even found in commercial software. DIKO is freeware and can be found here:
Just remember that any conversion process can take a lot of time and this can be made worse if you have an older pc.
When I’m too lazy to do the conversions I dump the avi file(s) onto a dvd and play them in my el-cheapo Chinese dvd player that plays Divx and Avi files directly…this seems to work fine.