How to Burn Multisession CD's



Hi guys, its been a while since I have posted, thankfully I haven't come across any problems recently until now...
Need to know if someone knows how to burn a Multisession CD. It is a standard music CD with multimedia also. I would like to be able to burn the whole disc if possible. If anyone can help me I would be extreemly greatful.
Thanks in advance.


If you just use a regular copy program (NERO CDRWIN Discjuggler etc.) just choose CD-Reader to CD-Recorder and copy on the fly, that works for me.



Do u want to copy a cd or compose it yourself ?
U could use easy cd creator to compose one and CD copier deluxe (which comes with Easy cd creator) can copy a multisession cd.


Djewst I tried copying on the fly but it still came up as an error (“Can not copy multisession cd, ot not compatable”). Any other idea’s?
Meurz I haven’t got that program… And I am trying to copy ad cd not create one.


What kind of burner do you have?



I am using a Sony CR100E.


Try this:
Make an image file of the data and extract the audio to wav.
Then burn it to a CD by burning the data first and then the audio. (by using mixed mode)

As far as I know your writer shouldn’t have any problem burning multisession cd’s, just try the above. If that doesn’t work, I’m afraid I can’t help you out any further.

Good luck,

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I think you can better burn the audio first because you don’t get the datatrack as first track on a cd recorder.
First burn audio, don’t close the cd and the burn data
This is called the cd extra, is not compatible with some older cd-rom players and for that you will get (in nero) a lot of error messages, you can ignore them.


Oh yes it can, I do it all the time, burning the data first and then the audio.



Hi guys, to copy a multisession cd i used
Nero 5, CDRWin (Official 3.8a), CloneCD
They worked fine with my PlexWriter 8/2/20
and Pioneer DR-U16S.

Happy days, with burning :wink: