How to burn mpg files to disc?


I wonder if anyone can help me. :confused: I have downloaded some movies from the net and i am now trying to write them onto disk from my hard drive.What is the best programe to use to do this.Any advice is appreciated.

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What knd of movies are they?
Depending on the kind of movie (extension/purpose), the answer to your question may be different.

Please provide a bit more information

I am downloading mpg mostley cause my pc does not seem to know what a avi is and will not let me open it when it has finished downloading.

Have you checked out this section of our forums:

It is our guides and tutorials section

I have downloaded movies from the internet as mpg and i am looking for the best software to copy them from my harddrive to disk.I have downloaded DivXTo DVD as my computer does not recognise the avi form.I can download the movie but can not open it.Will this programe assist me to open the files.If not.What is the best software for it?
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