How To Burn Mpeg To Dvd?

how do i burn an mpeg to dvd and what format does it have to be to be able to play on a ps2? i have converted an mpeg to something (i cant remeber) but when i burned it to dvd it played, but the sound was infront by about 5mins (literally 5mins, not 2 seconds). any help on software i could use would be much appreciated. also, when i download videos from the web, wht should i be downloading? mpeg? cuz when i try to burn normal mpegs nero says “you might not be able to view this dvd”?? should i be downloading divx and dvd rips? if so, what do i do with them, burn them straight to dvd???

you can see why i have posted in the neewbie forum :iagree:


Have you checked this forum already?

Also you might want to take a look at and because they specialise in this kind of thing.