How to burn mp3 to audio cd

I want to burn my mp3 files to audio cd
i know how to do it with nero but when i listen to my cd in an audio player the cd skips almost every 20 seconds
i have a acer burner and i use musicmatch and the freinhofer as decoders
does somebody know what ive did wrong
i use princo and are readable with all audio components



What you should first do is Use Winamp (toss MusicMatch) and decode them yourself. I’ve never used Nero for audio cuz it’s not so great. Anyways, once the MP3s are now WAVs, use Easy CD Creator (ya I know many dis this program but it works great for me), select Audio CD and then just select the wavs you want. This part’s important, make sure you select DAO (Disk At Once). Failure to do so, that is leaving it on TAO (Track At Once), will result will result in a small pop at the beginning of each song. I know there are other ways but this is the way that doesn’t give me any bad results. Happy Burning…

It’s possible burningspeed is choosen too high, decrease it to 2speed.
Your PC is multitasking, making the conversion and doing streaming at one time.
When the *.mp3 files are not perfect, Nero skips parts of them or skips the whole file.
Convert *.mp3 first to *.wav tracks and then burn the *.wav’s.

Try using AudioCD MP3 Studio 2000. This program seems to work fine with audio.