How to burn MP3 on DVD to play it in DVD player?

Hi, excuse me maybe stupid noob question, but I’d like to burn my MP3s on DVD recordable media to play it later on my Panasonic S35. I have tried it already, but so far no success. Can somebody explain me how to do it correctly? Thanx in advance for your effort.

Edit: Solution Found

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Just copy your mp3 as data but some standalone dvd players dont support mp3 on dvd…
The one you have already created i would try on other dvd players first…


That’s strange, I made one ISO DVD and one UDF DVD and my Panasonic always says “wrong disc inserted” although in the specs you can read it can play MP3 DVDs :frowning:

Are you using a media that your Panasonic usually accepts?

Since none of my Stand-alones recognizes Mp3 DVD’s, I use “Audio DVD Creator” myself, but I strictly convert wav’s to PCM 48kHz/16bit. That way a DVD can only hold 5-7 albums, but with better quality. It is also possible to convert Mp3/wav files to AC3. that way a DVD can contain many more albums/tracks. It’ll even create a nice menu for you, if you desire.

Unfortunately the trial is limited to 5 titles with 5 songs in each title.

try making “Data” DVD in Nero (they have “Make MP3” disc option, too. I’ve never tried it though)

@BeeR DoG:
My Panasonic accepts all DVD-R media I tried so far (Princo, Sentinel, TDK, Traxdata, Verbatim, Sony, Ritek, Emtec, Memorex) but only as DVD VIDEO. When I insert MP3 DVD on the same media, no dice :frowning:
I have Audio DVD Creator and Music DVD Creator too, but I need due to my huge MP3 archive (up to 100 GB) MP3 on DVDs.

I personally don’t use Nero, because it’s crap (in my eyes) but I will give it a try.

Thanx all for effort.

That’s exactly why I suggested Audio DVD Creator. It’ll create a DVD VIDEO with music only and a menu if you desire, but you files is not MP3’s any more, however.

Ahh, I see, you want to store your MP3’s without modifying the files and still being able to listen to them on your standalone. Well, since none of my standalones support MP3’s on DVD I cant be of much help I’m afraid.

Even my Panasonic standalone player doesn’t play mp3 dvd-r’s. It will play mp3 cd-r(w)'s fine. Is it not possible to make a mp3 dvd-r iso file and change the booktype to cd-rom or cd-r and then burn that image on dvd-r? Maybe the burnprogram won’t except this. Maybe there’s a special program for this issue.

Does anyone have an answer for this? I’d like to do the same thing: play my MP3s without coverting them to PCM or AC3 files. I’d like the DVD to act like a data CD filled with my MP3s. Can anyone help out on this issue? I’m sure we’re not the only ones that would like to do this :slight_smile:

Where are you reading that your player supports DVD MP3? According to this site it does not.

If you are able to find one of those “el-cheapo” DVD-DIVX Player, it will probably playback MP3 DVDs…
My Amstrad DX-3016 plays them, while my Sony doesn’t…


Changing the booktype from DVD-r to CD-r…is this possible? If so then we should be able to store several albums of MP3s on a DVD-r disk and play it as if it were a CD-r disk. Essentially, we’re tricking the DVD player into thinking that it’s playing a CD-r when really we’re playing a DVD-r. Frankly I’m surprised more people are not wanting to do this.

BTW, I have a Go-Video D2730 and a NEC 3500a.

Am I being naive but whats wrong with just using MP3 CD’s. I can get 10+ albums on to a CD which my DVD player plays fine. I generally use EasyCD Creator for this.

Its down to your standalone dvd player it either supports it or it dont…
I have 3 players in the house and only one supports mp3 on dvd…
but they all support mp3 on cd…
and no you cant change booktype from dvd-r to cd you cant even change booktype on dvd-r anyway…

Because I’d like to get 60+ albums on one disk!

I have DVD+Rs if that matters…

The only other thing i can think of then is “AUDIO DVD CREATOR” which was mentioned before but lack of proper menus put me off it unless its changed now…
you still cant change booktype from dvd+r to cd anyway so we should forget this path…

WOW. This sucks :sad: Someone needs to come up with a workaround! Luckily I can stream my entire MP3 collection from my computer through the D2730. But for the less fortunate souls out there, this needs to work.

Well, first of all, you need to understand a couple of things. Playback of mp3 on CD-R has been around for a while and a LOT of players support it. But playback of mp3 files stored on DVD-R discs is a relatively recent development. JVC was the first major manufacturer to add it to their lineup with the introduction of their GIGA MP3 feature. However, several other manufacturers have since followed suit. Here is one of the nicer units.

I have it and it works like a charm. It’s also readily available from some of the larger online mass retailers. I got mine from Crutchfield. But J&R Music World has it cheaper.

So, yes Virginia, mp3 playback from DVD is possible.

Doh! Just revisited my post and realized I linked to the wrong product. I had copied the Denon link to e-mail to a buddy of mine who is interested in it. Then I accidentally posted it here as well.

DOH! Is my face red? :o

This is my player.

The Onkyo does everything they claim it does and then some. No problems with it so far. Upon further searching, it appears that none of the online retailers are now carrying it…even though the Onkyo USA site still lists it among their DVD players. shrug Maybe they’re getting ready to replace it with another model?