How to burn movie files for playback on DVD player?

Hi, this may sound like a very simple question to ask
but any help would be much apreciated : )

Basically all I would like to do is create a DVD of any movie that I have on my computer (mpeg, avi’s Xvid etc) to playback on my DVD player and watch them on the tv. For example Ive downloaded a 700mb movie, that I think is in .avi format, and i would just like to burn it to a dvd for playback thats not on my comp.
Thats all I would like to do, but Im sure it wont be a straight forward and simple as that!

I use Nero Reloaded at present for normal use, would I need any additional software for me to be able to do this? or would i need any addons? Ive heard of Recode, would this help?

Also I would like to create image slideshows onto dvd for playback and viewing on the tv, please can anyone suggest any decent software
to do this also?

Thankyou v much in advance

if you want simple, you can’t beat vsoDivxtoDvd. Just load your file and click convert and it will create the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_Ts folders for you to burn. The bad news is its no longer free, though some sites may still be hosting the older free versions. I’m considering buying the new version because i like the new features, but for now the older versions work just fine. This is the website: If you can’t find the free version PM me and maybe i can try to get you a copy. As far as a photo slideshow program, i’ve played with a demo of this program and it was interesting;

avi2dvd is still free, it is slower than vsodivxtodvd (free version) and needs about 10gb to does its stuff, but i found it gives better results and can add chapters.