How to Burn .mkv To Blu-ray Media

This is my second rqst for help and wish I’ ll have again the same accurate and helpful answer and I hope some day I can give some too.
Please tell me how to burn my .mkv files (1920x800, 1080x720, 1080p, 720p) to a Blu-Ray discs, so I can watch them to a Blu-Ray player?

So far I read so many gui about burning .mkv files for PS3 or X-box or AVCHD format, on DVD-5 Or DVD-9 DL but none for Blu-ray media & then Blu-ray player, without losing any quality in picture and sound (DTS).

I have try so far RipBot264, Muxer 1.8.8 and then burn the new files to DVD-5 or DVD-9 or Blu-ray, but the result is - for my eyes - lower than the original .mkv.

Also, if its possible, how can I stretch the movie to fill the hole TV panel, without those annoying black bars. I dont know if this is possible with BDedit and HxD programs.

So please tell me if you know How, because my .mkv files are dangerously overtakes my pc memory…


mamasta wrote,

“I have try so far RipBot264, Muxer 1.8.8 and then burn the new files to DVD-5 or DVD-9 or Blu-ray, but the result is - for my eyes - lower than the original .mkv.”…

That’s because RipBot264 is re-encoding and you [I][B]will[/B][/I] loose quality in the process…
To do it properly you need to extract the video and audio streams from your mkv,and re-mux back to a compatible container (mp4,m2ts) or bluray disc structure(BDMV,certificate folder)and burn using UDF 2.50 file sys.

If you want to get rid of “black bars” you have to re-encode and use a proper resolution , 1920x1080p or 1280x720p…
Or use your remote to zoom in…

Thanks a lot t0nee1,

It’s a few steps I din’t understand very well.

Which program I have to use to extract the video and audio streams from the .mkv,

To use ImgBurn with UDF 2.50 OR UDF 2.60 ?

The doom9/foroum link you suggest me is for PS3, not a gui only for Blu-Ray media,

And if I have to re-encode IF I want to get rid of “black bars”, do I lose picture and sound quality OR NOT, because if I do lose, it’s no worth it, is in’t.

Sorry for any naive or inexpert questions.
Thanks again and Rgds

To extract you need this,
And the link I provided shows you the steps needed and some links to the tools needed to get it done…It’s a method I’ve used,but don’t be surprised if it is [I][B]not[/B][/I] 100% foolproof…I wasted a few discs before finally getting it right…Trial and error…
Anytime you re-encode you will lose quality…It’s how and with what tools/methods that you utilize that will give you the best results…
I use xvid4psp or megui, if I want to convert to mp4,which the PS3 supports, I’m not sure about [I]your[/I] BD player…But I believe you will need a BDMV and Certificate folder,which tsmuxergui (see link provided) will create…Read the guide ,and try it…after all it states this,

"This guide shows how to easily make PLAYABLE BD/AVCHD disks from HD MKV sources with [B]NO RE-ENCODING[/B] "…

The resulting file can be burned to a DVD5, DVD9, or [B]BD[/B] ,using UDF 2.50 file sys…
Here is a forum that has lots of Bluray info and guides…

Thanks t0nee1,
You have been very helpful…
If you hear something new, let me know.
Because all the forums I checked, are one or more years old, maybe something new will come up.

You’re welcome!..The threads may be old but most are ongoing , so keep checking back on them periodically as new info/methods/tools might arise…Ok! good luck!..