How to burn MKV & m2ts files to blu ray

I have multiple mkv and m2ts files on my hard drive. When i burn them to BD-R25 my LG blu ray player recognizes it as a data dvd and will not play it. I’ve wasted 10 discs already. I’ve used Nero and IMG Burn and they only burn these files as data files. How am i suppose to know when it burns as a data or video file? So how do i burn these as non data files so i can play them on my stand alone player?

Have you tried importing the files into tsMuxeR and have it output as a blu ray disk?

Check out MultiAVCHD. The program works great and it’s pretty easy to use. Go to the website and Dean “the author” is usually around to help you out. Here is basically all you have to do:

Download the MultiAVCHD. You’ll also need avisynth v2.58 and ffdshow installed on your machine.

  1. Start multiAVCHD
  2. Load your MKV file
  3. Click “FIT ALL” button (since you said that you need transcoding of non-compliant resolution)
  4. Select desired output size
  5. Click START and choose the output format

Have fun!!!

I’ve used the tsmuxer and burned the output using IMG Burn. My stand alone bluray player still sees it as a data disc. I will try the other method. Thanks.

I strongly suggest getting a BD-RE disk or two for experimentation.

Some Blu ray players are just not very good at playing burned disks by the way. And not all support AVCHD format.

What’s the model of the LG player?

As Kerry has suggested, it wouldn’t hurt to have a re-writable kicking around so that you can experiment a bit.

I would change the MKV container to a MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) container.

These LG player’s are suppose to support it.

LG BH100
LG BH200
LG BD300
LG BD370
LG BD390


Maybe this will work for you. I used it with my PS3 with DVD5 and DVD9 discs…

If the output index file index.bdmv shows a value INDX0200 at the beginning then try a program called AVCHD-Patcher 1.06 and run it. It will patch the address of the Index and MovieObject.bdmv files to INDX0100. It creates .bak versions of the original files so you can compare.

The output from TSMuxeR and older versions of BDRebuilder to (DVD5 and DVD9) disc, ended up as a data disc until I used that patch program. I believe the newer version of BDRebuilder applies the patch automatically. Anyway it’s easy to check these 2 files in a hex editor and the change can even be made manually without the patch program using a free editor like XVI32. You can view it in notepad but I don’t suggest applying any changes with notepad.

I can’t confirm that this works on BD media but with a Blu-ray structure on DVD media it works on a PS3 with all the menus including audio and subtitle track selections.

Forgot to mention, if you decide to patch the MovieObject.bdmv manually then MOBJ0200 should be changed to MOBJ0100. It’s really only one character to change near the beginning of each file (a 2 to a 1).