How to Burn Microsoft Software

Ok, I am trying to make a copy of my Microsoft software such as (Word, Excell), but I have no clue which files need to be copied, and how do I find them in my computer. I know this is probably very easy task but I am not very good with computers.
Can someone tell me where I need to look and how I identify all necessary files. Thanks

What good is that going to do you. You can’t do anything with them. You have to use YOUR install discs. hint hint :doh:

Got it thanks

Tony: I think I stopped short and did not explain why.
A program install disc creates 1000’s of entries all over a system. The folders are just one piece of the total. This data needs to be put in exact locations that the system knows about in order to function. The only execption is a stand alone program like CD Speed which works without actually installing anything :slight_smile:

I remember those days! Back then, you just unzipped something into a directory (folder in today’s speak) and click on the .exe file and it would run. Now you have to “install” everything.