How to burn lower than 4x?

I’ve got some crappy Optodisk OR4 DVD+R media at 4x rated speed. Burning them at 4x has very bad burning quality and the NEC 3500A does not allow burning at any lower speed.

Before I scrap this media, does anybody have a suggestion?

First, please see this question in the FAQ:

If it can’t burn slower than 4x, it’s probably because there’s no write strategy for it (which is worse than a poor strategy), which means that if you force a 2.4x burn, it’ll probably coaster. Use better media in the future. Optodisc is :Z

I didn’t want to waste the Ricoh JPNR02s for video burns and hoped that this media would be enought for it. I wasn’t asking for much, just a PI error below 200, but this is too crappy.

I think I’ll offer them to a friend of mine that owns a 1x-2.4x speed DVD Recorder (in laptop). These would be good for him.