How to burn lots of psx Isos in to only 1 cd-r?

Thats my question . I got a lots of Isos of playstation1 . Most of them are 200mb or 300mb size … so … i think its a waste of space burn 1 game 200mb , and lost other 500mb of free space … I would like to know if theres some program wich can join 2 or 3 isos in to 1-Cdr . Is this possible ? I would like to make some kind a menu and able to choose from 3 isos and play with my ps1 console .

Thank you in advance for any kind of information and tips !

I remember using an ISO editing tool back a while ago, but I forgot the name of it.

However, with a quick google search, I found MagicISO, which according to the description should allow you to join image files:

As for a selecting program, afaik, none exists, so if you are playing on an emulator, just create different folders for each game in the ISO, then select the correct game from the emulator with the file -> open command.

But IMO, it is a lot more fun to play PS games on the real console without hassle, so I just buy all my PSone and PS2 games, plus I sort of collect video games too :smiley: