How to burn hidden track before track 1?

I’m trying to complete an album of solo material in the studio and the engineer and I don’t know how to create a hidden track before the first track. He has a Mac with either Jam or Toast as burning options. We tried unsuccessfully to create a a track in the pre gap area of the CD, before track 1. I have a PC, and Nero says the same thing that Jam and Toast did: you can’t have more than 2 or 3 seconds in the pre gap space before track 1. The track I’m putting as hidden is 6:46 and I read about an album that had 9 minutes before track 1. There are many others.

So far we’ve combined the pre track and track 1 into one audio file with some space between the songs. Should we split them? And what software on a PC or Mac would allow us to do this, and HOW? thanks.

maybe you should ask sony for an answer to that. this forum is for helping people make copies of their music and software, not helping someone to put hidden tracks onto a cd, presumably to help copy protect it.


if you have a lable…let the techs do it…if not…you’ll get more recognition…releasing this cd unprotected.

if all you want to do is mix a cd original with some data tracks for fun…in nero…choose mixed.

This really is the wrong forum in general to ask us how to copy protect your cd from us…:slight_smile:

wow, I’m not in any way trying to copy protect it so relax. I’m trying to do something cool with my album, but I didn’t know that this copy protected it. I hadn’t even considered it. I guess if I had a choice I would rather it wasn’t protected, because I’m looking for exposure here.

I did find software that allows me to do what I asked in my original post, I guess I’ll test and see if I can make a copy of it.

I just successfully copied the CD with a hidden track before track 1 with both Nero and CloneCD. Nero didn’t get the hidden track and just wrote silence there, CloneCD copied it exactly with the hidden track intact. That’s fine with me.

From what i remember it has something to do with the TOC pointing to the track index at a point Past the actual start of the CD. My brother had a symphony soundtrack cd of FFVII in which it had a secret track of “One Winged Angel” battle music before track one.

When we used Cdrwin we noticed that the first track seemed to start past sector 0 of the drive. So we set it to rip in raw mode and stripped the unknown area into a wave file. And it worked.

In short it just relies on Illegal Table of Contents.

If anyone remembers the Xfiles soundtrack cd supposedly had alot of little tricks like this. But i never actually saw it.

Unfortunately using this technique it makes it impossible for alot of cd players to read the secret tracks. Most notably alot of car stereo ones will have problems. As well as most newer players. The only reason we were able to manually play it on the computer was my “hacking” the raw data out of the cd and then playing it.

well the hidden track on my album isn’t important, it’s a gimmick. As long as people can hear and copy the 9 unhidden tracks, that’s all that really matters.

Any CD player that rewinds should be capable of playing the hidden track.

Originally posted by Muze
Nero didn’t get the hidden track and just wrote silence there,

Nero can’t do that kind of things. It can’t even write music in the pauses between tracks apart from the pause before track 1.

The right software to do that is Feurio or any software that loads cuesheets like CDRWin, EAC, or even Nero when working in that Cue-mode.

Of course, it’s no kind of protection, and it causes no problem to be copied…
except that a lot of readers aren’t able to extract that hidden zone, which usually is of little interest because you can only hear it if you rewind from the start of the disc.