How to burn good audio CD's?

I have a nec 3540 external recorder.
I would like to know which is the best program to burn Audio CD’s.
I use fuji cdr’s code prodisc 97m32s19f .
I must say my car Cd player is very critical on CD’s …
I prefer quality ; speed is not important .
any suggestions ?


I had problems with my car stereo, the manual says it won’t play CD-R media.

However, I’ve found that with Verbatim Pastels or Super AZO I get a 100% success rate and that’s at whatever speed I choose to burn at.

I use either Roxio 7 or Burrrn ( as my app but I don’t think it’s the app, more the media you use.

You shouldn’t use non-standard (oversized) CD-Rs then.
Better use 700mb discs (650mb you’ll not find anywhere probabably) and burn at low speeds, under 10x.

I disagree with chef and agree with TimC. I have also had problems with a fussy in car CD player. My solution was a combination - using Taiyo Yuden pastels AND using a dedicated CD burner (in my case a Liteon). The burn speed does not seem to matter - in fact, burning at 48x produces discs that play more reliably than burning at 24x or 8x. The best burn quality will depend on a combination of media and burn speed so you may need to experiment to get the right combination for your player / media.

Throw away crappy ProDisc :Z and get decent Taiyo Yuden or MCC media (and do not use 90 or 99 minute media like chef already pointed out) … cheap Ritek media will most probably work fine as well.

Personally, I prefer burning audio at 16x … my personal tests on various media showed me that 16x is the sweet spot with the lowest possible overall BLER (= error rates) in most cases.

I just want to know whether writing audio on audio cd media get better sound than writing on cd-r media

Same here, 16X the sweet spot with most drives to get the lowest jitter. But with the Nec 3540 and decent CDR media (Ritek, MCC, TY), I can go up to 32X without getting more jitter (average about 7.5%, max about 9%) and with low error figures. This said, I don’t test with a Plextor drive…

Simple answer: NO. There is no difference at all between the two kinds of media. Only that one allows writing in standalone CDR burners and the other doesn’t.

Additionally, dedicated Audio CD-R media isn’t optimized for anything higher than 4x recording … so:

audio media is slower
audio media is more expensive and
audio media often offers lower writing quality than HQ CDR media from TY or MCC.

I recommend 12x for better track detection at the end of disc. I use 90min media and burn about 87 minutes of music, about 20-21 tracks. I think any media is fine as long as your car stereo recognize it.

:confused: - I burn my audio discs at min. 16X since 2003 (actually since the Plextor 24/10/40A), and never noticed any glitch… what are you referring to exactly? On what kind of players?

A Plextor is the non-plus-ultra in this area. Use another brand name and it could give glitches. :wink:

Hi Chef :slight_smile:

Now I use the Nec 3540A and 4550A to burn CDs. Both give most excellent audio CDs up to @32X :clap: - fairly steady jitter levels around 7.5% with good (RITEK) and superior (MCC, TY, MXL) CDR media. Even CMC discs turn out great in these drives at high speeds, jitter always stays under 9% in all cases.

Actually you elaborated on my implicite point: this depends on the burner. :iagree: For example my Benq 1640A induces too high jitter (in my book) on audio CDs at anything but 12X and 16X… slower and faster writing speeds are less good. Jitter may get as high as 32% in the worst cases. :eek: :Z

As a sidepoint, with 48X and 52X rated CDRs, I noticed that slow writing speeds (under 12X) always give less good results jitter-wise (still in MY drives ;)).

1st of all, I stated that I use 90min cdr!! Are u?

Yep, it’s always some combination (and a bit of luck) of burner, firmware, media and speed used. :wink:
I’ve probably burnt only 100 CDs in the last year (and normally test them carefully), compared to some thousand DVDs this is nothing.

It wasn’t clear at all from your post that your were adressing 90min CDR when advising to use 12X for “better track detection at the end”.

When you wrote that you used 90mn CDR, it sounded like another point, not linked to the former advice…

To reply to your question, no I don’t use 90mn CDRs and probably never will, :disagree: I like to play safe and use only media that is proven reliable. :wink: - if I can get my hands on MCC or TY 90mn CDRs, maybe I’ll change my mind.

The “Verbatim 800 MB High Cap.” Discs use Ritek Media , i have only a box of that and use this extremly rare - the 10 Minutes more time results in big quality losses, unfortunately.

Unless your car sterio/cd player states it will play 90m cd then thats fine…But if Not, you be wasteing your time n CDs…95% of car players WON’t play 90minutes.Won’t even recognise them…Happy Burning.