How to burn game dvd if i have downloaded it from .torrent

Is it the right place to ask ?

actully my prob. is that i have downloaded a game from .torrent it’s a 4.28gb game {the house of death overkill wii prominent} now do i have to make bootable dvd to play this game on my computer,it has some zip files too,what to do with it?

same as i have a vista os downloaded from .torrent its 2.49gb size again it has some zip files and some non zip files in it ,…

if the answer is i have to make a bootable dvd then please tell me how to make one …
or i have to unzip all the files and make an iso of it and then burn it on dvd
and one more query,
am using nero7

whats the actual size in common dvd of moser baer4.7gb

thanx alot

Buy the original instead of downloading it illegally would do the trick.

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