How to burn for best audio quality?! (Is it true you shouldn't go above 8x, etc..)




Anybody can give me some advice how to burn audio cds so you get the best audio quality when you play them on your hifi, etc…

First of all, is it true you shouldn’t burn higher then 8x speed? Why is that and does it really make an audible difference?!

Second, for best audio quality, is is smart to let Nero do the internal mp3 to audio conversion or will you get better audio quality if you use an external program for that first before importing in Nero or won’t you hear any difference? Which mp3 to audio decoder does Nero use by the way?!!

Any other tips you can give me for burning the best audio quality cds?! Thanks very much!! :slight_smile:


well it just depends on what data u burning…The idea of burning slower seems to be that it gives the laser more time to “burn” the marks, it dont really make much differences…but sometime burning audio CD>…u maybe get like the song pause or stopping (i have that problem when i burned my cd-audio at 48x …certainly not recommended) …i recommended the highest speed to burn cd audio is 24x…it should be safe :slight_smile:

personally whenever i record music…i will just leave it to .wav …no matter what format u changed …it will back to wave format to burn as audio cd…i tried using nero and other “enhance audio programs” …nero…doesnt seem like suit me that much or maybe i just get use with the other program to edit my music quality …hehhehh

the best quality of audio…try to adjust ur sound bit rate…The bit rate is how many bits per second the file uses - you are correct, the higher the bitrate, the higher the quality, all else being equal. Generally, 128kbit is the most common found on the net, but if you have plenty of harddrive space then you might want to go with 192 or 256. :iagree:


It is absolutely neccesary to burn audio at 8X always keep this rule and you will never had bad spots on the cdr… slower speed is same laser intensity but is burning the media at a rate that does not stress the media… that is why i have always for years burned audio cd’s at 8x …problems with audio cd’s? 0.