How to burn folder with just main movie folder?

Hello, there, I’m new to this software and I have one question. I have pointed the program to create my dvd backup folder on my external hard drive which has a main folder called Movies. Within this folder I have all my folders. When I point DVDFAB to make a folder in MOVIES it creates a FULLDISC folder and inside that the DVDFOLDER containing all the files. How can I tell the program to NOT make a FULLDISC folder and instead just make the DVDFOLDER itself? Thanks alot. I hope someone knows the answer to this. :wink:

Hi mattardo
If you want to place it in the location where you want you need to open Common Settings and change the “Output directory” and the “Temporary directory” also if you want just the main movie you need to select this mode on the left before you click on start :cool:
Oh by the way copying to an external drive :doh: not a real good idea :eek: can and will cause inter-mitten playback issues :sad:

Thanks for the answer - I want to copy the full dvd to the location. How can an external drive cause playback issues?

Hi Matt. DVDFab will always add the “mode” folder to whatever you have set as stormjumper pointed out as the default output and temp directories. Making this structure an overrideable user option has been requested already in the Feature Request thread, maybe we will see it someday. I use an internal drive for the temp files but an external for output folders and have had no problems. Just make sure there is not a lot of background stuff going on during your rips that might distract the USB controller (and make sure it’s USB 2.0).

Your external drive is connected to your computer by a 2.0 USB wire which has a slower tranfer rate then a internal HDD also un-like a firewire which allows a faster tranfer rate, anyway if your external drive is hook up with a USB wire and during the copying or tranfer to the drive and you have another program start running in the background…(Anti-Virus and/or Firewall updating them self)… at the time you are doing a backup it will slow the transfer rate even more because a strain on the CPU :frowning:

Just my 2 cents :bigsmile:

Thanks for the tips from both of you. I’m accustomed to Dvd Decrypter just making the movie folder for me in the location I choose. DVDFab is forcing me to take extra steps and copy the contents of the Full Movie folder to my Movies folder and then delete the Full Movie folder. I suppose I might have to head back to ol’ Dvd Decrypter until they implement this feature.

Ah, I see - so the only real danger is the copying slowing down from other programs?