How to burn Final Fantasy 8 on PSX?

This game has been released for a while ago, but does anyone know how to take a backup of the original CD’s? I’ve tried to burn the CD’s, but you still need the original CD as a “boot-CD” before you can use the backup. :frowning: How can we eliminate this problem? What protection does those CD’s have? And how to break the protection? Thanks a lot if any1 can help… :stuck_out_tongue:
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Firstly FF8 needs to be patched for working copies to be made, secondly the copies won’t work if the Playstation does not have a mod chip fitted.

I do have the modchip installed on the PSX. Where can I find the patch(es)? Do any1 know a link or where I can get it? And has anyone successful made a backup of the Final Fantasy 9 CD’s for PSX?

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Where can I find the patch(es)?

I took the orginal discs and copied them using blindread and blindwrite. I think alternative read was selected however i don’t remember. I had no problem playing the game. And yes I do have a mod chip.