How to burn dvds



how do you burn dvds? when i opened nero burning rom, i didn’t see an option for it. i saw minidvd but i don’t think that’s it. i don’t have a dvd burner installed yet, but i will have one shortly.


Ahh I too had this problem when you go to new the wizard will have a dropdown in the upper left hand corner… switch it from CD to DVD
Don’t worry took me several days to figure that out


oh, thanx man.


oh wait, i don’t see a dropdown in the upper left corner. i only see cd-rom (iso), audio cd, mixed mode cd, cd extra, cd copy, video cd, super video cd, minidvd, cd-rom (boot), cd-rom (hybrid), cd-rom (udf), and cd-rom (udf/iso) on the left side of the wizard. where’s the dropdown? could i not be seeing it because i don’t have a dvd burner installed yet?


you wont see the dvd options until you have a DVD writer selected as the output device




Possibly could be your problem - what version of Nero are you running btw?


Nero 6 Ultra Edition